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New Music Playlist

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World Music Playlist

Folk Music, Traditional music, Acoustic music, Afro Jazz, Afro-soul, Neo Soul, & High Life.

Afrobeat Playlist

Afrobeat, Banku Music, Soft-Afrobeat, Naija, & Hiplife.

Ambiance Francophone Playlist

Coupé Décalé, Ndombolo, Afrotrap, Zouk, Afrobeat, Mbalax, Rumba, Kompa, Guinée/Mali, Kamer, &...

Afropop Afrobeat Playlist

Afropop, Afro House, East Africa Afropop & Afrobeat, Bongo Flava, & Genge Music, & Afro Dancehall.

Ndombolo (Sebene) Playlist

Ndombolo, Soukous, & Rumba.

Zouk Radio

Zouk Love, Kizomba, Kompa, Afro Zouk, Cabo Love, Biguine, & Semba.

Top Hits Playlist

Top Hits, Classics, Most Populars, Old Shool & New School Songs.

A Large Music Library

The best of African, tropical, and world music. Rich and well crafted library composed of various, electrifying, and hard to find music.

Music Streaming Service

Streaming a good sound quality without ads interruptions anywhere the website is accessible. Affordable subscription rates.

Impressive Radio

Select a featured radio based on your music taste or mood. Create and save your own radio using the Biakwe ingenious filter system.

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